What to do When Someone gets Arrested?

1.Once a person has been arrested please contact our office at:



    Or by email at legacytxbailbonds@gmail.com

2. After the person has been arrested they are taken to the McLennan County Jail and the "Booking-In"  process will begin. This process may take anywhere from 2 hours to 6 hours depending on traffic at the jail. During this time we will keep in contact with a family member or friend to keep them updated about the process. 

3. Once an inmate is "Booked-In" they will need to be arraigned by the Magistrate to get a bond amount, if they do not have one already. 

4. Our office will be communicating with the jail to find this information out as quick as possible, also once an inmate has a bond amount they are given a free phone call to contact a family member or friend. 

5. Please contact Legacy Bail Bonds if you have any questions!